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PRP Therapy and Stem Cells 

PRP Therapy (Plasma Therapy) is a medical treatment that belongs to natural, biological treatments that help the body (body) heal itself by using products from its own blood.

Orthopedics and Sports Injuries 

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnostics and treatment of injuries, diseases and deformities of the movement system. 


Early diagnostics, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Safe risk assessment, fast diagnostics, reliable therapy. 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Physical therapy includes treatment methods used with issues with the skeletal and muscle system, due to injuries, pain and movement limitation!

Chronic Wounds 

Renova Clinic has a fully equipped operating room for surgical interventions in local anesthesia. 

Ultrasound Diagnostics 

Renova Clinic provides complete ultrasound diagnostics in one place – ultrasound of the heart, abdomen, thyroid gland, soft tissues, joints, breast, testicles, neck, color doppler of blood vessels in legs, arms, neck, ultrasound of hips with small children. 

Children’s Orthopedics 

Any innate anomaly of the bone and joints system, as well as trauma at birth is the reason for a parent to have its child examined by a children’s orthopedist. 


At Renova Clinic we can perform all necessary laboratory testing, on your own initiative or as required by your physician. 

Home Care Service 

Home care service and aid in treatment at home. Highly educated and trained staff. Nursing patients in home conditions with the aid of the professional team of nurses.