Orthopedic-rheumatological center

We are in a common space with La Santé in a luxury location in Dedinje, Diane Budisavljevic 15.

We've been helping you feel better since 2014.

We have more than 50 consultants working to take care of your health

In order to provide the best possible service, at the beginning of the year we decided to make a partnership with La Santé. Therefore, we are in a common space in a luxury location in Dedinje, Diane Budisavljevic 15.

Renova Clinic was founded in 2014. It brought a new direction in Serbia, the regenerative medicine. In addition to regenerative therapies, we are performing conservative treatment of orthopedic and sports injuries and chronic wounds on our clinic. The RenovaPraxis Clinic provides physical therapy, diagnostic procedures, cardiology, pediatric orthopedics, surgery and lab services. It is located in Dedinje within the La Santé at 15 Diane Budisavljevic Street.

The Renova Clinic has in its team eminent experts in the fields of regenerative medicine, orthopedics, sports medicine, surgery, cardiology, radiology, physical therapy.

Regenerative medicine is a new direction in medicine based on application of autologous regenerative therapies. Our medical team is in charge of providing the most adequate services, comprised from renowned experts from the area of orthopedics, surgery, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, endocrinology, biochemistry. Our institution uses Platelets Rich Plasma / PRP as the autologous regenerative therapy. PRP is separated from the sample of own blood using a sophisticated technology where the final product contains growth factors in high concentrations. Renova Clinic provides services and applied autologous regenerative therapy in the area of orthopedics, sports medicine, treatment of chronic wounds, aesthetic medicine.